Accu Bend



Our clients’ return on investment speaks for itself. Accu-Bend reduces labor-intensive hand fabrication, resulting in increased capacity and more revenue.


With hundreds of Accu-Bend machines around the world, The Channel Letter Bender is recognized by the largest sign makers as the right choice for reliable, quality machines that save time and money. Made with a heavy steel-welded frame, these U.S.-manufactured machines are built to last.


Made with top-quality componentys, high-grade materials and the latest technology, Accu-Bend continues to set the industry’s standard.


Leading-edge technology

A complete computersystem and swivel monitor comprise the control center of the system. Simply import .DXF files, and your channel letters are created.

Easy to use

After installation and a short training session, most companies are able to run the full production the first day.


A dedicated hydraulic power system and dual-motor drive unit have extensive power to handle all your projects and can feed up to 30 cm per second.


Accu-Bend is easy to modify for any project. Operators can change coil heights in less than two minutes. The system can also accommodate a width or depth of channel letter coil between 2,5 cm and 24 cm, the Lite till 14 cm.


Can handle aluminum up to 1,5mm thick and stainless up to 1 mm thick


The optional Robotic Auto Pilot allows the machine to run multiple letters, unmanned, so you save on labor costs. The system completes letters, pulls them from the machine and starts again.


Should you need help operating or maintaining the support is available for as long as you own the machine.

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