Letter Former



The Channelletter Former is a solid, heavy-duty machine produced with high end quality components and with the strongest vacuum pump on the market, which creates very high vacuum levels and air flow rates.


The Channelletter Former produces channel letter faces, push through letters, and thermal-form signs and parts are made to withstand both weather and time, ensuring a standard of quality and reliability far above previous standards and expectations.


No more living in a flat world. The Channelletter Former can create the most complex 3-D faces, which allow for special lighting effects that help businesses stand out from the competition.


The Channelletter Former uses the molds with a size of maximum 130 x 180 cm which you can create with your router


The Channelletter Former produces strong, durable letters that last significantly longer than the traditional glued trim-cap.



Whether you create one letter or 1,000, each letter is exactly the same.


Drastically saving labor costs and decreasing floor space requirements, one machine can produce more than 1000 letters a day, utilizing approximately 4m2 of floor space.

Ease of operation

With one push of the button, the most complicated letters are easily produced in as little as 5 minutes.


Can form 3 mm” thick material to 4 / 5mm” thick material, and manage different jobs such as channel letter faces, and more.


Manufactured by the same company that introduced to the sign industry in Europe the first channel letter bending machine, the Accu-Bend. Every machine is backed by a full one-year, all-inclusive warranty and unlimited support.


Catalogue Channel Letter Former
Catalogue Channel Letter Former

Specifications Channel Letter Former
Europe 1,5 x 2 meter
USA 4 x 8 feet
USA 5 x 10 feet

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