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GOQ LED Europe is a subsidiary of The Channel Letter Bender and Bas Neon Signs. GOQ LED Europe is a specialised group that concerns itself with the sourcing and sales of quality LEDs and associated components.


Samsung has a strong reputation in the field of electronics. Indeed, the company is one of the world’s leading firms in the production of LEDs. Samsung uses its in-house LED production for computer monitors and TV screens, among other things.


The Korean company GOQ LED uses these Samsung LEDs in the production of a variety of configurations for the illuminated advertising sector. GOQ has now also introduced these LEDs, which offer an interesting price/performance ratio, in Europe. These high-quality, attractively priced Samsung LED modules are already used by numerous leading illuminated advertising companies in their channel letters and light boxes. World-class brands like McDonald’s, KIA Motors, BP Station and Nissan Cars have already incorporated the GOQ LED modules in their illuminated advertising. Not only are the LEDs attractively priced; you also need fewer of them thanks to their impressive light output, which is up to two times higher than standard LEDs! In terms of price/quality, the Samsung LEDs are the best LEDs on the market today. It is definitely worth your while to switch to the new generation of Samsung LEDs offered by GOQ LED Europe.

Sign shows

Every year, we participate in a number of sign shows throughout Europe and America. At these shows, you will have the opportunity to inspect the Samsung LED modules at your leisure and to see with your own eyes what kind of light and convenience they can provide.

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